donderdag 20 mei 2010

Chanel logo

I bought this top at h&m, and yesterday i added the chanel logo, I think it turned out pretty good, what do you think?

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woensdag 19 mei 2010


top: h&m - scarve: zara - jeans: zara - shoes: converse

The sun is finally shining in the Netherlands! I can't wait to start wearing dresses and my ray-ban sunglasses. Today i was wearing my new h&m top that arrived yesterday. I'm really happy with it, i love the shoulder accents.

maandag 17 mei 2010


source: stockholmstreetstyle


I love flower printed clothes. I think it looks really cute, it reminds me of Whitney Port. Today's outfit is very basic, nothing special. Just a white blazer, flower printed top, zara jeans and cream coloured flats. I bought these jeans last week and i just love them. They're so comfortable. Seriously i LOVE zara.

Catrice nailpolishes are amazing, i love the colours.

zondag 16 mei 2010


blazer: zara - top: h&m - jeans: zara - necklace: accesoirize

I decided to start fresh with a new blog called sailor stripes. There are just so many reasons why i love sailor stripes, but i think the most important one is that Coco Chanel invented them. Coco Chanel is my role model. Because of this woman, fashion became a way of life and not just a closet full of clothes. She understood fashion like no other. I think the best day of my life will be the day i have enough money to buy my first chanel bag.